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We just took delivery of our first puppy food for our new dog, Mimi. We mixed it with her old food and immediately she ate McDug and left the other kibble!

We have a very fussy Cockerpoo and have tried practically every brand and it always got wasted. Not with McDug though... we are a few weeks in and Dexter is still eating it!

Intro to Our Story

Welcome to McDug Nutrition - the dog food company that makes a difference!

Based in Scotland, McDug was founded after our own dog, Bruce, became quite unwell. After investigating and finding his diet needed to be revamped, we started looking for ethical, nutritious and tasty food that would make him feel his best.

Turns out, we weren’t alone. So many of us dog owners are looking for the very best quality dog food that’s also convenient. 

And so McDug was born.