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Welcome to McDug Nutrition - the dog food company that makes a difference. 

Hi, I’m Rab - and as the owner and founder, I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to McDug. 

My first memories of dogs are watching my grandfather with his border collie, Flash, herding sheep back down to the croft. I was always fascinated by the close bond between them. My own close relationship with our canine pals came when a switched-on doctor suggested to my parents that a dog might help me at school. 

You see, I’m dyslexic and I really struggled in the traditional school environment. Back in the 70s and the 80s, being different wasn’t something that was celebrated. And despite my parents working tirelessly to try to get me the help I needed, I still found school a traumatic experience. 

And so when that doctor suggested to my parents that a dog would help? It kick-started a bond that became lifelong. 

Since then, I’ve always been a dog owner, they’ve been with me through thick and thin. Through school, and then into my corporate life, where I spent the last 30 years. And while I was thankfully out of the education system, conforming to corporate life wasn’t necessarily easier. 

I persevered and was lucky to have a rewarding and successful career in the corporate sector following a path that supported others with their learning and career development. In the end, I believe my past challenges with school education turned me into a better educator. 

Now it’s time to follow my passion - which is why I’ve started my own premium dog food business. This gives me the chance to support other dog owners to make active and positive choices to improve and maintain the health, lifespan and wellbeing of their dogs - all through nutritious food that’s made with responsibly sourced and fresh ingredients. One of the things that makes me the proudest about McDug is our unique supply chain from farms and fisheries that we know and trust. 


As well as that, it’s a huge part of my vision to support children who have additional learning needs, and help them to have the positive learning experience at school that I didn’t have. 

When children learn in a relaxed environment, they take in so much more than when they’re stressed - and they become encouraged to read, write and explore more often - building a lifelong love of learning. Therapy dogs are an amazing way to foster this environment (I’m living proof of that!). That’s why McDug is partnering with companies that provide assistance dogs for children in schools, as I so strongly believe in the excellent work that they do. 

I just know your canine pal will love the tasty and nutritious food we have on offer and with your help, would love one day to give every school in the country the chance to access a therapy dog. 

All the best,