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What makes McDug Nutrition special?


With so many brands on the market for dog food, it can be hard to identify what the best dog food is for your canine pal. Once you’ve chosen a brand, you then have to decipher confusing labels and scientific terminology. 

And that’s before you’ve even been able to try it on your own dug to make sure they’ll like it! 

It’s no wonder that many dug owners get frustrated when they’re trying to pick the very best nutrition for their four-legged pals. 

We were the same. If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out our story, over there you’ll find out a bit more about us and why we wanted to start McDug. 

You see, our own dog (Bruce) became quite poorly. And after some investigating, we realised it was an adverse reaction to what was in his diet at that time. We’d always gone for the ‘premium’ brands we would find on the supermarket shelves, but admittedly hadn’t put a lot more thought into what our dogs were eating. 

But that all changed as soon as we realised Bruce wasn’t well. 

From there, we spent a LOT of time experimenting and exploring what was on the market to support dogs with specific nutritional needs. 

We realised we were looking for a few specific things:

  • High-quality, protein-rich food with as little unnecessary filler as possible
  • Sourced with provenance, and traceable to ethical suppliers
  • Options to suit specific dietary needs such as grain-free, hypoallergenic, etc
  • Regular and reliable online delivery options, to ensure Bruce never ran out of the food he needed
  • A gentle processing method to retain as many nutrients as possible

There were a few options on the market, but not many who could tick all the boxes we needed. 

We knew we couldn’t be alone in our search (and as it so happens, we weren’t!). 

At McDug Nutrition, we pride ourselves on developing a wide-reaching range of products and recipes to support the health and well-being of your dog, and Bruce couldn’t be happier with the choice, either!


What makes our dog food different? 

Carefully developed recipes

Whether you’re looking for grain-free recipes or to boost your dog’s health with superfoods, each recipe has been designed to have a balance of protein and nutrients. Every ingredient is chosen specifically for what it can bring to your dog’s health, never just for ‘filler’. 


As a family, it’s important to us that we know where the food we put on our table comes from. And that’s no different for the food that goes into each McDug recipe. The proteins are responsibly sourced and are high quality meaning your dug gets the very best.


Careful cooking to retain nutrients 

There’s no reason why dry dog kibble should be any less nutritious than its wet food counterparts - and we’ve worked hard to make sure that every bite retains all of the goodness you’d expect from the quality of the ingredients we use. 

Everything that goes into a McDug recipe is carefully handled and minimally treated to make sure your dug gets all the nutrition while losing none of the taste. 

High-quality food

We don’t want to eat sub-standard food, and we don’t think our dogs should either. Our recipes pack a high percentage of freshly, gently prepared protein to keep their bellies full and tails wagging happily.

Have you had the chance to let your dug try some of our food yet? 

Take our quiz to find out which McDug recipe range your dug will love! 

And if your pooch is already a fan, we’d love to hear what recipe they enjoy most!

Let us know in the comments below.


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