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Puppy Feeding Guides… an update

Puppy Feeding Guides… an update

How much should you be feeding your puppy as they navigate those oh-so-important milestones between birth and their first birthday? Turns out, according to some new science, it’s not necessarily as much as you might think. 

Calculating the right feeding amounts for your pup has - until now - relied on an equation set out by the National Research Council in 2006 and essentially works out the required feeding amounts based on body weight alongside a few other factors. 

So why the change? 

However, more recent studies have identified that this equation doesn’t tell the whole picture. And in fact, different breeds (and the resulting size difference) makes more of a difference to the energy requirements than the original study takes into account. 

Over the years, different studies have shown that the energy intake of medium-sized breed puppies (compared to large-breeds) differ in a curve depending on their size…and most crucially, are lower than the amounts previously thought in the original equation. 

Additionally, it’s thought that the original energy requirements were also around 20% overstated for puppies younger than 6 months old. 

What does this mean for your McDug food? 

Shortly we’ll be updating the feeding guides on all of our puppy foods to reflect any changes. But one thing to always remember - the guides we have are just that… guides. 

It’s important to use these as a starting point and monitor your pup from there. How’s their energy level? Are they leaving food at mealtimes because they’re full? Are they not gaining weight as expected? 

Regular check-ups with your vet will make sure your pup is eating - and growing - at the rate they should. 

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