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Superfood Kibble & Exercise for a Happy, Healthy Dog!

Healthy dog running in the sea

It’s no secret that here at McDug, we love anything that can help to keep your dug’s tail wagging with happiness and give them the healthiest life possible. 

It’s a big part of why we started McDug our dog food business in the first place - and it’s also one of the most important things we look at when we’re looking for other brands to collaborate with. 

Keeping in line with starting the year off on the right paw, we are super excited to announce our collaboration with Paw Runner. We’ve been speaking with Lucie Mountain from Paw Runner all about getting fit with your dug, and how a regular fitness routine can help to maintain a healthy body and mind for your dug. They run paw-some challenges to promote a healthy lifestyle for you both. 

When you increase your dug's exercise levels, it becomes even more important that you give them food that's filled with the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates - and provides the energy need so they can be at their very best. 

And that's where we come in with our Superfood 65 range of delcious dog food, which has not only a high percentage of responsibly sourced proteins, but also contains 5 superfoods in each recipe, designed to pack as much of the good stuff as possible into each bowlful of kibble. 

You can check out the challenges over at the Paw Runner site and even more excitingly, you can get a 10% discount on all of their challenges. Just use the code MCDUG22 to claim yours! 

Want to know more about Paw Runner? Check out this guest blog that Lucie has written for us… 

How exercising your dog can become your superpower!

That feeling when you reach the top of a hill and stop to look out over the countryside before you, with your pawsome walking buddy sat beside you wagging their tail looking very pleased with themselves!!

From green, to red, to gold; the wondrous ever-changing colours of woodland as you walk from season to season, being sung to by a chorus of birds busily going about their day.

The feel of the soft sand in between your toes as you inhale the fresh salty sea air, to be brought back to the present by the spray of a very wet dog shaking himself over you after having endless fun playing in the sea!

These special moments are what make being a dog owner so fantastic, as not only do you have the pawfect excuse to explore our stunning countryside, but you fulfil all the steps to developing positive wellbeing for yourself, with your doggy by your side.

Healthy dog paddleboarding

It’s well documented that there are strong links between regular physical activity and positive mental health as it keeps you stimulated, alert, reduces stress levels and equips you to positively deal with any demanding situation.

But did you know that this was also the case for dogs as well? That’s why exercising your dog is so important.

There are currently 12 million dogs living in the UK and 1 in 14 of those dogs are diagnosed as overweight. 1 in 10 dogs suffer from mental health issues and that is teamed with 1 in 4 humans also suffering from poor mental health and over 60% diagnosed as obese.

The negative long term effects of covid have propelled us into a mental health and obesity pandemic for both humans and hounds. It’s time to take action now!
Increasing your daily and weekly exercise habits, whether it be walking or running, can make a real difference to both you and your dog's life. This leads to a healthier, happy, longer and more fulfilled life.

There are many health benefits which include weight loss, lower rates of cardiovascular disease, and a lower chance of getting Type 2 diabetes, depression and certain types of cancer.

The longer and more frequent the exercise, the better for you and your dog, as it actively promotes:

  • Fun – dogs love getting out for a walk, even if it’s a slow potter with a lot of stops to sniff.
  • Keeping in shape – building and maintaining muscle tone is a great way to support joints.
  • Bonding – taking time out of your day to spend time with your dog increases happiness for both of you.
  • Weight management – extra weight can put unnecessary stress on your dog’s joints, so keeping them trim is a good idea. Older metabolisms can be slower too, so exercise is really important.
  • Positive mental health - different scents, trails and changes in the environment keep dogs mentally stimulated.

There are lots of fantastic activities that you can get involved in with your dogs for stimulation, bonding and fun, such as agility, flyball, scentwork, hoopers, parkour, canicross and a good old fashioned dog walk!

Paw Runner for a healthy dog

The Paw Runner was born out of a passion for running, an even bigger love for dogs and compassion for the wellbeing of dogs and humans alike. We don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk (and run in some cases!) as we have experienced the positive effects of getting active with our dogs.

From daily dog walks, we started to introduce running to our routine. My best buddies, Barney, Poppy and I would put our best paws forward and run around the local woods. Not only was a positive change seen within myself both physically and mentally, but also my dogs.

Their coats shone, and they were happier, fitter and more stimulated than ever before. It also empowered me with a positive and strong mindset to help effectively deal with any difficult challenges along the way.

My confidence started to shine so I decided to set myself the huge challenge of entering the worlds greatest half marathon, The Great North Run. I couldn't believe I was doing it as I definitely didn't inherit the athletic genes in our family and never in a million years did I ever think I would take part in something like that as it was out of my reach.

I went, I conquered and I got the medal (and t-shirt!) to prove it!

I knew that if I could get active and achieve this, ANYONE could! It was a win, win for a better lifestyle and mindset all around.

Now a qualified Running Leader as part of English Athletics and a canicross trainer, we are making it our mission that humans and dogs are given the best opportunities to lead a happy, fulfilled and healthier lifestyle.

Whether you are a total beginner or a fitness superstar, Paw Runner has created a selection of monthly walking and running challenges from 3 miles up to 225 miles, including daily steps, for you and your pooch to conquer in your own time, at your own pace, wherever you like, to reach your ultimate fitness goal. 

If you have sea legs and your doggies enjoy experiencing life on the water with you, we also offer Paw Paddler challenges to cover distances in a Kayak or paddleboard together.

A happy life is one with your dog in it. So go that extra mile and include your faithful friend on all your adventures as you step it up for a happier and healthier lifestyle, strengthening your bond and making great memories together.

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